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A pearl in Lyon

Corinne Bonnardel is Zoé Bonbon.

It's the name  that she had chosen as a child, going so far as to sign Zoé Bonbon on her class notebooks. This name materializes the desire to create, to invent a universe where passion, fantasy and color reign.

Corinne Bonnardel is strongly influenced by her career in Haute Couture and her life in Paris. The designer also draws her inspiration from travels, from which she brings back objects, landscapes, colors….

Back in Lyon since 2003, the adventure started with the bracelet made up of buttons. The success is immediate. Jewels with colored pearls seduce. Made in France, in her workshop in Lyon, resin necklaces, bracelets, couture collection medallions flood France, Italy, Australia... Japanese women love Zoé Bonbon's fantasies.

Zoé Bonbon jewels are high-end creations for women, men and children. A unique universe born from the passionate imagination of Zoé Bonbon.

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Boutique_zoe bonbon_IMG_0686.jpg
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