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a French manufacture

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zoé candy quality

Zoé Bonbon is a global vision of quality. Quality in everything, immaterial and material.
Know-how, noble materials, service, aesthetics, creativity of the present and future.

It is with this spirit that Corinne Bonnardel-Bonnet created Zoé Bonbon. Having worked for major haute couture houses, she keeps this concern for high standards and this passion for beautiful jewellery. These collections remind us of our childhood with creations made by hand based on colored resin beads and screen-printed mother-of-pearl.

Zoé Bonbon is an immersion accessible to a high-end universe.

the Pearl

We are uncompromising in the selection of pearls.
This is why our pearls come exclusively from the most prestigious French workshops.

Despite a much higher production cost, we have chosen this process which guarantees robustness and increased longevity to our jewellery.

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screen printing and personalization

Screen printing allows innumerable effects on different supports by cultivating the magic of the material through metallic reflections, iridescences, by playing on opacities or transparencies, by opposing matte or gloss.

Very quickly, screen printing became particularly popular in the field of art. This is why Zoé Bonbon cultivates this formidable tool in the service of creativity, design and color.

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